Commercial break 3 … from a land close to Downhamshire comes the greatest story of small people with large feet ever told

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November 27, 2012 by patrickpadget

Few people realise that Tolkien’s story of The Hobbit is actually true. Close to Downham Abbey in the midshire of Aldreth live the ‘Ain Folk’, a people so small and shy that they are rarely noticed. In the great book of “The Shirleywilliams” their deeds of daring and courage are lauded and praised. Deep in “The Fenlands” live races of beings that are the stuff of legends. There are said to be creatures with nobbly knees and long candlewicks, each with a single eye in the middle of their foreheads, called “Psychlopods”; others with webbed feet and long talons on their fingers called “The Sabbertons”. This is truly a country where the definition of a virgin is “a girl who can run faster than her brother!” It was during a long summer bicycling holiday here at Downham Abbey that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien first conceived the germ of an idea for ‘The Hobbit’ when he got a puncture in the tiny hamlet of Prickwillow and discovered it was populated by a race of folk who had virtually no contact with the outside world, other than visiting Tesco in Ely on Saturday mornings, called ‘The Murfitts’.


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