Interlude, the twelfth … Something wicked this way comes

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December 11, 2012 by patrickpadget

Young, virile Reggie Peacock’s nephew Vincent is fond of going out into Widdicombe Woods late at night. Very often he is not alone, many of the younger housemaids from Downham Abbey are keen to play nocturnal games such as “Secret Sausage” or “Holman Hunt” in the late dusky evenings and Vincent is always happy exploring new openings in the bushes.

Lately, however, Vincent has been feeling uneasy when he is alone in the woods, a profound sense that something or somebody might be lurking in the undergrowth. He has heard deep growling, witnessed flashing lights and sounds like crackling electricity. Often a wild dog doth growl and a low, almost inaudible, humming will fill the air.

Tonight he finds himself lost among the trees stalking a game bird and the further he goes the more nervous he feels. He catches the bird but, scarily, the battery in his torch fails and he finds himself in complete darkness.


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