Commercial break 12 … The magical, mystical Lake of Horningsea

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December 22, 2012 by patrickpadget

Fanny finds herself lost out in Widdicombe Woods while taking Lady Jane Rayner’s cat for its afternoon walk. The luscious, sensual early afternoon sunshine is caressing her body seductively. As it is such a gorgeously sensual and pleasant day she has decided to loosen her stays, strip off her two overcoats, scarves, goatskin muffler, moleskin gloves, badgerskin deerstalker hat, wellington boots, thick tweed jacket and trousers, fourteen woolly jumpers and overskirts, heavy woollen lingerie and canvas drawers, vest and pants, whale-boned corsets, cast-iron brassiere and six pairs of camping socks slowly and sensuously, piece by piece, revealing, after two and a half hours, her gorgeous naked body. By this time the light is fading.

But seeing in the distance the beautiful, magical, mystical Lake of Horningsea ahead of her she decides to take a little dip. Little does she know as she skips seductively along the perilous mountain path with her pretty little pussy exposed to the elements, her tongue slowly licking her pouting, sensuous, lips that the naughty Adam Everard Bottomley, from Mincing Lane, is lurking just round the corner on the narrow ledge. When Fanny appears completely naked, apart from a seductive dock leaf, he doesn’t know whether to block her passage or toss himself off!


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